Welcome to Ground One Civil. We are a leading service provider in the civil construction industry, serving the Indigenous and all Australian communities and cultures. Our team resource and provide suitably qualified and skilled Indigenous and non Indigenous personnel to the civil construction sector. If you need skilled personnel for a civil construction project, you can trust the Ground One Civil team. In this blog we will be sharing more information on who we are, the services we provide and why you should choose Ground One Civil.

Our Story

Ground One Civil was founded by Georgia Manton, a proud Indigenous woman with years of experience in the construction Industry. While working in Darwin, Georgia realised the difficulties of the Indigenous community fitting into the construction Industry. Ever since, our founder has made it her mission to improve Indigenous lives and their families through providing training and education, income and a role.

Who We Are

Ground One Civil is an Indigenous owned and operated company providing qualified civil construction personnel to the civil construction industry. We are also committed to providing training & long term employment to Indigenous and non Indigenous members of our community, helping them to take on a role in a working family team. Ground One Civil has a passion for our people and a passion for our community.

Our Services

At Ground One Civil, we are a leading service provider for the civil construction industry, supplying Indigenous and non Indigenous personnel to a range of civil construction projects. Our team is experienced in many aspects of the civil construction industry, such as FIFO LNG, Roads, Tunnels and Bridges. If you need qualified and professional personnel for your civil construction project, get in touch with the experts at Ground One Civil.

Ground One Civil’s extensive capabilities comprise of the following:

Why You Should Choose Us

Ground Once Civil has extensive experience in the civil construction industry. We are dedicated to providing the personnel you need for your civil construction project, no matter how big or small. We focus on providing our services with integrity, and are constantly striving to add value for the benefit of all of our clients. Our team always places importance on workplace safety, honesty and regular communication with our clients.

Would you like to find out more information about our experience and some of our completed and ongoing projects? Click here to check out some of the projects that Ground One Civil have been involved in.

Contact Ground One Civil

Do you require personnel for your civil construction project? Get in touch with the professionals at Ground One Civil today! Call us on 1300 296 828 or email us at admin@groundonecivil.com. You can also click here to contact the Ground One Civil team through our website.

Stay Updated With Ground One Civil

Would you like to stay updated on the latest news, updates and articles from Ground One Civil? Stay tuned to our blog page and social media accounts to be the first to see our latest updates.

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