C2C Project Gympie

A construction site with a long bridge under development. The bridge is lined with blue safety netting on one side. Construction vehicles, equipment, and materials are scattered below on a dirt road. The background features green trees and a partly cloudy sky.
Bielby a JV

Ground One Civil was involved in the C2C Project, led by Bielby BMD JV, which required the construction of 14 bridges. This extensive project encountered several setbacks, leading to multiple delays that challenged the original schedule and demanded exceptional focus and coordination to maintain project integrity and progress.

Ground One Civil was brought in to address delays, assisting with critical concrete pours and providing two dedicated patching crews. These teams focused on completing essential patching and sealing work, crucial for the bridges to meet the Department of Transport and Main Roads' rigorous standards, all while adhering to the project's budget constraints.

Our involvement ensured that all 14 bridges were approved by the Department of Roads and Transport without any issues, meeting all required standards. The expertise and efficiency of our patching teams played a key role in overcoming the project's challenges, ultimately allowing the project to regain its planned timeline and achieve successful completion.

  • Expedited concrete pours to recover project timeline.
  • Provided skilled patching crews for bridge completion.
  • Ensured all bridges met regulatory approvals without delay.

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