Western Roads Upgrade Project

A construction site with groundwork for a curving sidewalk or road. Rebar is laid out within wooden frames along the curve, with plastic caps on exposed steel rods. Red barriers line the site, and green grass is visible on the right. Construction tools are nearby.
Project Date

The Western Roads Upgrade Project in Victoria, initiated by Ventia, required detailed inspection and repair assessment of various road assets. This significant venture aimed to enhance road safety and functionality, involving comprehensive evaluations of infrastructure conditions including pits, pipes, kerbs and median strips.

Our strategy involved pairing team members to thoroughly document each asset, integrating photos and detailed observations. Discovering a wide array of infrastructure issues, we proceeded with repairs and rebuilds, adopting a batch approach for efficiency. Continuous, detailed progress reports kept Ventia informed throughout the project lifecycle.

The project concluded successfully within the expected timeframe, earning Ventia's commendation, particularly for Jack's effective project closure. This led to an extended contract for further repairs, showcasing our capability and solidifying our partnership with Ventia. Our work significantly improved road safety and infrastructure reliability for the community.

  • Asset Management: Expertly maintained and upgraded road infrastructure.
  • Project Efficiency: Utilised batch processing for timely execution.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Ensured transparent and continuous updates.

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