At Ground One Civil, our services are designed to address the multifaceted demands of the civil construction sector. We excel in executing projects with meticulous precision, stringent safety standards and a keen focus on environmental sustainability. Our commitment to enhancing community infrastructure and ecological harmony is driven by a team dedicated to quality, innovation and inclusivity in every project.
Two construction workers wearing orange high-visibility clothing and white hard hats are working on a structure. One worker in the foreground is standing close to a metal framework, while the other is standing further back near a concrete wall.
Construction and Maintenance

Construction and Maintenance

Ground One Civil excels in constructing and maintaining robust infrastructure. We ensure long-lasting performance through meticulous planning and efficient execution, coupled with diligent maintenance. Our approach guarantees high-quality, durable outcomes across various civil projects.

  • Specialises in robust construction solutions.
  • Focuses on precision planning and execution.
  • Provides comprehensive maintenance for longevity.
Construction workers in safety gear are diligently providing their services on a concrete slab at an industrial site. The workers are spreading freshly poured concrete, using tools and wearing high-visibility clothing, hard hats, and boots. Machinery and scaffolding are visible in the background.


We specialise in ‘Form, Reo and Pour’ techniques, essential for high-quality concrete construction. Our team expertly shapes formwork, installs reinforcement (reo) and executes concrete pours with precision, ensuring each structure’s resilience and longevity. We focus on delivering durable, well-engineered projects that stand the test of time and meet exacting standards.

  • Specialises in formwork, reinforcement and concrete pouring.
  • Delivers durable, precision-engineered construction projects.
  • Ensures longevity and structural integrity in all builds.
Construction site with cranes, machinery, and workers assembling steel structures on a sandy landscape under a clear blue sky. Residential buildings, benefiting from our construction services, are visible in the background.

Civil Infrastructure

Our services cover a wide range of civil infrastructure projects, from roads and bridges to public utilities. We emphasise sustainable development, prioritising environmental sensitivity and community benefits in every project to ensure impactful and long-lasting infrastructure.

  • Broad range of infrastructure projects.
  • Emphasises sustainability and community impact.
  • Develops critical infrastructure like roads and bridges.
An elevated section of a bridge under construction with scaffolding and blue tarps showcases ongoing services. Concrete barriers separate the construction area from the road. Trees are visible in the background, and the sky has a pinkish hue, suggesting either sunrise or sunset.

Steel Fixing

Our precision in steel fixing ensures the structural integrity of construction projects. We meticulously align and secure steel bars and mesh within concrete, providing foundational strength that meets rigorous safety and quality standards.

  • Ensures structural integrity with precision.
  • Specialises in secure steel reinforcement.
  • Adheres to rigorous safety and quality protocols.
Construction workers in safety gear diligently provide services on a large metal rebar structure. Some workers are on elevated platforms, while others operate from the ground. The construction site is surrounded by barriers, with heavy machinery in use under an overcast sky.

Concrete Structures

Ground One Civil is renowned for constructing high-quality concrete structures that perfectly balance aesthetic appeal with functional durability. Our innovative yet traditional construction techniques create cost-effective, visually impressive and enduring structures.

  • Constructs durable, functional concrete structures.
  • Integrates innovation with traditional techniques.
  • Delivers visually appealing, cost-effective projects.
Two construction workers wearing hard hats and safety vests provide essential services under a bridge. One operates a cherry picker lift, while the other stands on the ground observing. The scene is set outdoors with trees and a clear sky in the background.

Site Management

We provide comprehensive site management services that ensure smooth project execution. Our focus on safety, efficiency and timeliness helps coordinate resources and manpower effectively, achieving project objectives while upholding the highest industry standards.

  • Manages sites with utmost efficiency.
  • Coordinates resources for timely project completion.
  • Implements strict safety and quality standards.
Six construction workers in safety gear and helmets stand on a concrete area, discussing the ongoing services on a large construction site. The site is filled with an array of rebar and conduits laid out across the expanse, showcasing the early stages of building infrastructure.

Site Engineers

Our site engineers are crucial to our projects, bringing unparalleled technical expertise and problem-solving skills. They ensure that all project specifications are met with exceptional precision and efficiency, maintaining our commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Delivers technical expertise and innovation.
  • Ensures precise adherence to specifications.
  • Champions quality and efficiency in every project.
Three construction workers wearing safety helmets and reflective vests are measuring a wall made of concrete blocks. One worker holds a measuring tape, while the others observe. They are providing essential services in the middle of a building under construction.

Residential Concreting

Specialising in residential concreting, we craft high-quality, durable driveways and patios that combine functionality with style. Our team’s expertise ensures that each project enhances the aesthetic and value of your home, promising longevity and superior craftsmanship.

  • Specialises in high-quality concrete installations.
  • Enhances homes with functional, stylish designs.
  • Provides lasting solutions for residential properties.
A suburban street with several single-family homes featuring Spanish-style architecture, including terracotta roofs and stucco exteriors. Well-maintained lawns and palm trees enhance the serene neighborhood under a clear blue sky. The street is empty of vehicles but lined with necessary services for residents.

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