My name is Georgia Manton, and I am a Co-Director of Ground One Civil. I am a proud Indigenous woman from the far south coast of NSW, born on Yuin country and from the Dunghutti & Worimi tribes.

I have worked in the construction industry for a few years now. It was my time in Darwin that opened my eyes to seeing my fellow people never quite fitting into this industry that is all about the land. I empathise with my people of the struggles it takes to find work, as I have also been in that same position many times. I have had my own fair share of knock backs with only holding a few full-time jobs since the age of 17 while also trying to live out of home and make ends meet.

I appreciate my journey to go through the trials and tribulations that I did over all these years. During this time in finding my own way, I’m so grateful to be where I am today and how far I have truly come. I want to help my own people so that they can find stability and create a living of their own as well.

Since then, it has been my passion to want to make Indigenous lives and their families better in some way. By providing people with training & education, income, and a role, I believe I can give people a reason to dream big.

With our passion for wanting to help and support Indigenous people & other diverse groups, combined with Jack’s experience & knowledge within the civil construction industry, we have come together to use Ground One Civil as a way of helping achieve our goals.