My Name is Jody Gropler. I am a Co-Director of Ground One Civil along with my Indigenous daughter, Georgia.

From a young age growing up on my parent’s bean farm situated inland from the far south coastal towns of NSW, I watched how my parents’ provided employment and support to local Aboriginals from our surrounding communities.

My father would drive into town and pick up the local Aboriginals who didn’t have their own transport but wanted to pick beans on our farm. My father would then take them back home at the end of the day and repeat this every day when there was work for them.

My parents had great relationships with the local Aboriginals in our region, and along with having my own Indigenous children at a young age, I have lived my life with co-operating and caring being normal practice.

I am passionate about Ground One Civil and the values it stands for, as these are my own core values, and my main focus is to use our company as a tool to help and support others being our number One focus, and to stay grounded as we grow and build together.