Ground One Civil is a leading service provider in the civil construction industry, supplying skilled personnel to assist civil construction projects. As an Indigenous-owned and operated company, Ground One Civil cares about its people and the communities in which we all live. In this latest blog article on our site, we will be sharing some more information on the Ground One Civil Team.

Jody Saunders

Jody is a Co-Director of Ground One Civil, alongside her Indigenous daughter, Georgia. From an early age, Jody watched her parents provide gainful employment and support to local Aboriginals from their surrounding communities. Jody is passionate about Ground One Civil and the values it stands for. Her primary focus is to use Ground One Civil as a tool to support others in the community. Click here to find out more about Jody on our website.

Georgia Manton

Georgia, a proud Indigenous woman from the far south coast of NSW, is also a Co-Director of Ground One Civil. Born on Yuin country, and from the Dunghutti & Worimi tribes, Georgia has years of experience in the construction industry. It is Georgia’s passion to improve Indigenous lives and their families by providing training & education, income, and a role. Find out more about Georgia on our website here.

Jack Halton

With over 20 years of experience in the civil construction industry, Jack is a highly motivated superintendent and a valued member of the Ground One Civil team. Over his career in civil construction, Jack has gained extensive experience in site supervision, planning, and progress monitoring. Click here if you would like to learn more about Jack Halton on the Ground One Civil website.

Greg Hall

Greg Hall is an important member of the Ground One Civil team. With 28 years of experience in the civil construction industry, Greg has been working alongside Tier 1 Australian companies for more than 12 years. This has provided Greg with invaluable experience and knowledge of working on large projects in the Australian civil construction industry. Greg also has experience in small projects, oil, and gas to road and tunnel infrastructure across Australia. Find out more about Greg on our website here.

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Does your civil construction project need some personnel assistance? We are here to help. Ground One Civil can provide you with the personnel you need to complete your project successfully. Get in touch with the professionals at Ground One Civil today! Call us on 1300 296 828 or email us at You can also click here to contact the Ground One Civil team through our website. Want to learn more about the team behind Ground One Civil? Find more information on our website here.

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